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We're just going to say it; moving stinks. It's stressful, time-consuming, and a full move from packing to unpacking and putting your possessions away can take weeks (sometimes months). It's a lot of work packing up your entire home, just to have to unpack it all again when you get to your new home. Add your daily life of work, and family obligations, never mind having a social life until every box is emptied. 

Imagine how much nicer it would be to have the help of an unpacking service. Or even before that, a professional packing service. Movers can load and unload your belongings from a moving truck, but not all of them offer packing or unpacking services.
Stacks of Moving Boxes to Unpack
Uhaul Boxes to Unpack

Why Chose Busy Bees For Your Unpacking Needs

Busy Bees are just the professionals you need to give you a helping hand during your moving process. We have professional packers and unpackers on hand for all your packing and unpacking needs. The plus side to hiring professional packers that are considered the top in the packaging industry is we have all the packing supplies that you'll need, so no running back and forth to the store in case you run out of moving boxes, packing tape, or bubble wrap. Bonus: We clean up all the packaging materials after unpacking!

We take special precautions with all your possessions and mark the high-value boxes to ensure they're handled with the utmost care and prevent any potential damage on the way to your new place; whether it be local or long distance. 

While Busy Bees isn't your typical moving company, we tend to take care of all the logistics up to, and including move-out day. We have a moving service that handles all the heavy lifting, while we handle the packing and unpacking process as we settle you into your new place. We offer moving services for all your specific needs.

We even pack up your larger, cumbersome items that you've kept in storage areas for years, like the basement, attic, and storage sheds.

Give Busy Bees a call with your move-out date and we'll set up an appointment with a team member to gauge the size of your unpacking needs and possibly offer some helpful tips about moving.
Unpacking Vases from Moving Box
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Organizing Boxes to Unpack
Unpacking Artwork from Moving Box

Unpacking and Organizing Your Home

Unpacking is a horribly dreaded task. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave a magic wand over all the packed boxes and - “poof,” all your belongings just settle where they belong, and all the empty boxes and used packing supplies disappeared? Unfortunately, the moving process isn't that easy. That's why Busy Bees is here to help you take charge of your unpacking and organizing.
When you do all the unpacking yourself, sometimes boxes get set aside in the garage, basement, or attic to be unpacked “later,” but later never comes. Your new home may not have the space as your previous one and you may find that not all your things fit where you wanted them to. It can be challenging and frustrating trying to figure out where everything should go. Set your mind at ease and let Busy Bees take on your organizational challenges. We’ll assess your home’s available space and storage, then place your possessions in their new spots.

Don’t go at it alone. If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start unpacking, give Busy Bees a call today and let us handle your home’s unpacking and organization.
If you need unpacking services at a great hourly rate, call Busy Bees of Arizona at (480) 525-1606 of Louisiana at (225) 590-3369, or call the toll-free number at (888) 864-5098 for more information or to schedule an appointment.