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No one really grasps how much stuff they actually have until it’s time to pack it up for a move, organize, or prepare for an estate sale. Even if you don’t have that much stuff, it can be a time-consuming journey because going through all your memorabilia will have you thinking of the memories and not so much about the task at hand. That will make packing an entire home an overwhelming task. Good thing it’s also one you can outsource.
Labeling Packing Box Prior To Move
Packing Services - Taping Box Before Move
Busy Bees Concierge and Home Services of Arizona and Louisiana is the professional packing company that will pack your entire home for you. Our packing services include:
  • Wrapping
  • Packing
  • And Unpacking & Organizing if you would like us to help at your destination as well.
Busy Bees aren't just some college hunks hauling junk. Our professional packers care about your personal possessions and will take great care in handling them as we pack them into boxes.

Packing Household Items Prior To Move

What To Expect From Professional Packers

Busy Bees packer pros will help you pack all your home’s belongings before your move. We supply the packing supplies that’ll be needed, such as boxes, packing tape, paper for glasses and dishes, and cushioning like “packing peanuts” or bubble wrap at a small cost. We’ll go room by room and carefully pack all your personal possessions, making sure that the fragile items get packing protection.

While we’re packing, we label each box based on the room it comes from, so you’ll know where you’ll want it in your new place.

Our Packing Team

What Not To Expect From Your Busy Bee Packer

You know your personal property better than we will. One thing we won’t do for you is deciding what you want to keep, sell, or donate. We wouldn’t want to accidentally donate something that was precious to you. 

The other thing we don’t do is move your packed boxes. We’ll pack everything up securely and with care, but it’s up to the moving company you hire or one we regularly work with and recommend to load the moving truck. 

Your Packing Experience With Busy Bees Packing Company

Working together with a moving company of your choice or one we've referred, we become a full service packing and moving company. We're not like other packing companies, we make sure all your belongings are packed up, put onto a moving truck, and will unpack when we arrive at your new location.
Our packing teams will do a complete kitchen pack and ensure all your fragile items, such as your good china are packed away securely and safely in specialty boxes for breakable items. We fully understand that good packing keeps your valuables safe during move day.
If you desire a full-service move then our professional teams of packers will perform a full pack of all your belongings. We'll get all your things ready for a full-service moving company to move everything to your destination. We understand if there are precious treasures you want to pack yourself personally and we'll work with you to provide just the level of packing services you need. 
If you need packing services at a great hourly rate, call Busy Bees of Arizona at (480) 525-1606 of Louisiana at (225) 590-3369, or call toll-free number at (888) 864-5098 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Busy Bees Professional Packing Team